Laptop Repair


My Laptop computer wont turn on and I need Laptop Repair today!


Basic diagnosis of your laptop is completely FREE!

Does your laptop have a broken screen? If it does we can fix it most often within 2 days unless it needs a screen ordered for it , which only adds a few days and is often less than a week for your laptop repair to be completed.

Does it start up and get stuck on the windows logo? Will it do nothing other than light up and make you want to throw it out the window? No power at all? These are all common issues that require laptop repair today. There are some beyond repair, but not as many as you might think. There is one solid fact about us and that is when you bring us work for your laptop repair, you will not be disappointed.

Laptop issues differ mainly in the fact that they have smaller components and less space to disperse the heat. Many computers 3+ years old will start to experience hard drive issues, or even overheating from not receiving regular physical cleanups. In addition to that laptops get all sorts of food, hair, and other such things in them from the places where they are used most, and can suffer breakdowns just like a car. One of the most common causes of laptop death is drinks being spilled on them, and being dropped from more than a foot onto a hard surface. No worries though, there are plenty of laptops in the recycle yards that can bring your broken laptop a new life!

Laptop repair makes up a large quantity of our work, and is some of the best you can find in the Clearwater, FL area to boot!


Laptop screens (LCD or LED) are the most common problem with laptops and that they break so easily. Fortunately they are easy to replace and when you get the laptop back, its as if you never lost your old friend.

We have seen just about all there is to see when it comes to broken or failing hardware, and none of it makes us faint of heart. So, please let us relieve you of the worries you have now, knowing your precious laptop hardware is in good hands, and that we will treat it as our own before and after you get it back.

One of the advantages we have as smaller company is that we can perform tasks that our larger competitors can’t because of their policies. Instead of having to reinstall an operating system on your laptop, we can simply copy the old data to the new one with no risk of privacy in the middle.