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Desktop Repair, Clearwater FL, hard drive, virus removal, malware

Desktop Repair

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desktop repair

My computer wont turn on anymore and I need some Desktop Repair!

Basic diagnosis of your PC is completely FREE!

If you need your desktop computer repair performed, we are the pros to do it. The reason for that is we are aware of the most common reasons for desktop failures and can fix them right away. The most common issue for desktops to to be repaired is that they actually have some sort of malware infections that prevent the computer from behaving normally. This can make you think the hardware is faulty. The symptoms can be anything from the DVD drive not being able to play movies to a sudden loss of wireless connectivity. Although in some cases its just plain old worn out hardware where the desktop needs the hard drive repaired by replacing it. Those are by far the two most common reasons your desktop repair will be neccessary. Manys computer 3+ years old will start to experience hard drive issues, or even overheating from not receiving regular physical cleanups.

There are times when more than one piece of hardware fails at once. Sometimes the power supply breaks down and takes the motherboard with it. We have seen just about all there is to see when it comes to broken or failing hardware, and none of it makes us faint of heart. So, please let us relieve you of the worries you have now, knowing your precious desktop hardware is in good hands, and that we will treat it as our own before and after you get it back.

One of the advantages we have as a smaller company is that we can perform tasks that our larger competitors can’t because of their policies. For instance, instead of having to reinstall an operating system on your PC with the disks you were given with the desktop (if they even gave it to you), we can simply use the existing certificate of authenticity and after installing the operationg system again, we can copy the old data to the new one with no risk of privacy in the middle.

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