About Us

The mission of Respectable PC Services is very simple. Provide superior quality Products and Services at a reasonable rate that major corporations are not able to provide.

The main goal of RPCS is to provide a desktop in the $250 range (tower only) that will be far more acceptable then that of what is available in the mainstream market. If you were to go shopping with $250, you would only be able to buy a kit to build your own PC, or one that is manufactured in such a way that it would frustrate nearly anyone who would use it.

Beyond that, the owners believe that the every day PC user should be empowered with a basic knowledge of computer knowledge, and ability. Therefore a secondary goal is to provide that service, sometimes even free of charge, given the small amount of time and effort taken to share that knowledge.

Lastly, the environment is very important to us, and its preservation is key. So, if we sell someone a new computer, they may trade in their old one for a discount, or just simply leave it with us so that it may be properly recycled.